Data Acquisition



Thermo Logger

Pressure Logger




Remote Data Acquisition and Setup
Data Transfer & Analysis Utility Program for
ProScan Series Instruments

Main Features
Runs on: Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000, and XP.
Minimum PC Requirements: MS Windows OS, 16 MB RAM memory, 10 MB of Hard Disk space, Floppy drive or Internet access.
Automatic Installation: Launch "Setup.exe" and follow instructions.
Three Operational Windows: Main window, Data window and Graphs window with zooming.Volver

Main Window:
Used for remote acquisition and setup, and to download data, showing all reference information on each downloaded file. Data merging and allignment of up to 12 data channels om graph window, (temperature, pressure or both combined).Volver

Data Window:
Shows all data recordings for the selected file, with minimum, maximum and average values, header information, units °C, °F and °K, record number, instantaneous time, configurable field sepperator and text size, print button and Automatic Export feature to MS Excell or text format.Volver

Graphs Window:
Shows complete acquisition period; click and drag window zooming; point and click graph for instant value flag; left or right graph scrolling; direct graph printing; direct graph export in Bitmap BMP or Windows Metafile WMF formats; copy feature to paste graph onto other file types.Volver