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The Giotto Security Design System creates the bridge between the traditional guilloche, rossete, and security background design, originally created by cut and paste up operations, and the latest graphics technological advances made possible by complex mathematical modelling and the increasingly powerful personal computers. Following the philosophy of making security by adding as many security elements as possible to discourage counterfeiters, the system integrates the best of both worlds. Volver

System Configuration
The minimum system configuration is made up of a personal computer station with a high quality scanner, a color proof printer, commercial pagination software packages and the Giotto software package. The complete turn key system for high quality film output includes a 4000, 8000 or even 12000 DPI photounit depending on special requirements, and can be easily integrated to an existing installation or work in standalone mode in a high security production room. Volver

Giotto has come to life from the experience that Pitagora's engineers obtained during several years of work in the commercial security printing market throughout the world. Such experience added to the challenge of providing innovative security solutions for the protection of products within the blobal economy, provide the inspiration. Volver

Following the expressed concepts, Giotto helps the designer to create traditional guilloches or rosettes, borders, frames, backgrounds, relief effect, latent images, void or anti-photocopy patterns, cut and paste possibilities to resemble the old style guilloche borders, as well as offering the implementation and tools for new evolved elements introducing dynamic changes and line width modulation or a combination of both, which make each design unique. The final design results in a file that can be exported for further retouching or to be paginated, using different graphic formats such as EPS, TIFF, PS, Gerber, and others, with the possibility to transfer the designs to another station using the network or to a Macintosh or to go directly to the Photounit for film output. The user friendly interface helps to see all intermediate steps with partial WYSIWYG so as to keep track of all modifications, working on different levels . Volver

All mathematical calculations and modelling are done with the precision of one micron or 25400 DPI and, according to the customer's photounit, the resolution is brought down to the maximum output machine resolution. Some of the photounits work at 3600 DPI, others at 4000, 5080, or even lower, and although our system can output in postscript format to any of these machines and resolutions, we recommend no less than 3000 DPI. Pitagora offers a postscript photounit capable of outputing film at 4000, 8000 and 12000 DPI matching the highest precision with practicality. Volver

Pitagora SA can sell the Giotto Security Design System as a complete turn-key system including all the necessary hardware, such as PC station, scanner, proof printer, postscript RIP and photounit. The Giotto Software package is also available whenever the customer has already a typesetting facility which includes scanner, proof printers and postscript photounit. Volver

Giotto is made up of a Basic Module that allows the user to generate rosettes, backgrounds, frames and borders, as previously explained, with the addition of five optional modules as follows:

1. Step-variable and continuous-variable module
2. Designed shapes and Auto-masking module
3. Gray scale line width and color modulation module
4. Pattern morphing modulation module, (this module requires module 1)
5. Standard and gray scale relief effect module, (this module requires module 1) Volver


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