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Eurodelta PE 200

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Eurodelta PE 200

The sewing machine Eurodelta model PE200 is designed to sew and tape saving books, passports, etc.
Its design allows it to be feed both manually and in some cases mechanically.
The process is very simple and it is completed in four consecutive stages. The first function is that of the sewing. Secondly the material is taped. Then the thread and the tape are simultaneously cut. Finally it exits to either a pile or to the folding section, depending on necessity. The PE200 is the ideal machine due to its high productivity, easy maintenance and low cost.
The Eurodelta model PE200 includes a pneumatic feeder, folding system, pressure cylinders, back spine system, and a conveyor exit.

Semiautomatic strip feeding system for Sewing machine Eurodelta model PE200. This system regulates the speed of the strip being fed onto the sewing head and gives the proper spacing. The system can be programmed to work with different speed and sizes. Can be connected to work in line with the Ruling machine