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Eurodelta DG 200 PLUS

ID and Passport emission system especially made and designed for the simultaneous production of plastic identifications and cards in large and medium identification volumes.It is also equipped with our exclusive system of intaglio lamination for both elements apart from laser printing and cut. It is adaptable to all kinds of documents according to the highest requisites of documentary security.
It has been designes to be operated with minimun staff.
It is the perfect solution to obtain a high-speed production of large volumes of identity cards.
The DG200 system integrates an innovative high technology, laser printed, the lamination security with intaglio sheets with double-dimension latent images, the chip codification with no contact among others. Its flexibility, product of its designed modular conception, allows it to select a big configuration out of the insertion of different devices....
Some of the characteristics that make this system a unique alternative for the government market are:

The Lamination Security: with guilloche images transference with up to two texts or latent shapes superposed in a same guilloche.

Simultaneous Production: plastic identifications and cards can be produced at the same time in a same production line.

Laser Printing: of variable size, pictures, texts, bar codes, logos and all kinds of graphics with the highest precision.

Chips with no contact: security printing coded in chips with no contact RFID integrated into the substratum.

Optical Register: It guarantees the correct personalization alignment with pre-printed information data.

Numbering by Perforation: It is possible in all kinds of alphabetical letters adjusted by the programme.

The emission system of the ID EURODELTA DG200 PLUS is a reliable solution  for the governments, our solutions are especially designed to optimize documents security.
Every day, we are faced to new fake threats that make governments increase the documents security and integrate the highest available technologies.
The DG200 PLUS helps to prevent fraud and consequently identity theft.

The system offers:
- Automatization of large-volume production of ID and Passports.   
- Different security levels for conventional and electronic identifications.
- A complete line of personalization technologies.
- Multiple levels of security in hardware and software.

Thanks to its flexibility due to its modular configuration system, the DG200 PLUS allows us to have a better cost-benefit relationship for the configuration of the emission programmes to incorporate new technologies as they become available. It also offers secure coded access to biometric authentication and support data.

Whenever you choose PIGORA SA products, you are working with a multinational company which provides solutions and offers all the necessary elements to produce and guarantee all kinds of identifications at the best cost.