Forensic Analysis

Portable TrueScan


Portable TrueScan
constitutes Pitagora’s frontline practical response to the need for high security and prompt verification against counterfeiting or adulterattion of any printed document.

Banknotes, passports, ID cards, visas, applied hollograms, shares, titles, permits, passes, vouchers, stamps, cheques, labels, and anything that constitutes a security document can be thoroughly analyzed in seconds with a few clicks from this sophisticated color instrument concealed under an innocent mouse appearance. The mobile unit can also be connected to a PC or an external color monitor.

Portable TrueScan has been created to satisfy the need for extreme mobility requested by personnel active in the fight against documet counterfeiting and adulteration. Specifically, this new TrueScan configuration satisfies the mobility requirements in the following categories: inspectors, border patrols, immigration officers,police mobile untis, document experts, instructors and specialists.

Portable TrueScan provides the solution to this mobility thanks to
its ability to adapt to any situation; such configuration is indeed
always ready for immediate use, either connected to the 220V or 110V outlet or in a car at 12V or even with its internal battery with an autonomy of around 8 hours.

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