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The Intagrind system is a computerized rubber cylinder, chablon or rubber plate engraving system which transforms a scanned original image into an engraving tool path calculation to obtain an engraved inking cylinder specially used for intaglio printing machines. The scanned design can be edited, repeated, combined and controlled for: deformations depending on cylinder diameters and machine, or for multiple color register prior to the convertion into a tool path which can be stored on each phase of the process for later recall. Volver

System Components
The Intagrind system consists of two basic modules:
the first is a graphic design PC station with a customized CAD software that allows retouching, repetition, welding of images, registering and calculation of tool paths for rough removal of rubber material, as well as a final fine grinding pass. This CAD station can be located in the design department where it can be also used for other graphic design activities using commercially available programs. When the designs and tool paths have been calculated, they can be transferred through the network or taken in a disk to the CAM station; the second module is a robot CAM station where the cylinders or chablons are mounted for grinding the inking area designs for each color of the inking group in perfect register and with the proper desired deformations according to the cylinder diameters and to the mechanics of the inking group.The CAM station and grinding machine are usually located near the Intaglio printing machine, both for practical as well as for security reasons. Volver

Intagrind inreases the productivity of the Intaglio printing machine by reducing the dead times corresponding to the make-ready operations and eliminates the need for the tedious and long lasting hand carving process which starts with the imprint of the plate image onto the inking cylinder. It also avoids mistakes about color zones made during this process, and if a cylinder is damaged during production, it can be recalled and repeated exactly as the original one.
It can dramatically reduce the need for storing cylinders of different printing jobs, thus saving a considerable amount of space and time consuming ground operations.

The system can anticipate production by preparing the next job in line, on the CAD graphic station while the CAM station is grinding the previous color, all done while the Intaglio printing machine is under production with another job. Once the current printing job is finished, all inking cylinders or chablons are ready to start the new production cycle, in register and with no time loss. Volver

Intagrind can be reduced in its current configuration by using the same CAM station as a CAD station, but this is a discouraged practice since it would reduce the overall productivity due to the fact that while the CAM station is grinding a cylinder, the user cannot work on the design section. We strongly recommend the standard configuration as descrived.

Several grinding tools can be ordered for specific finishing on the engraved design edges, with the possibility to program customized tools and to insert them in the CAD path calculation software.

The system can be requested for different types of inking cylinders according to the Intaglio printing machine manufacturer: formats include the following diameters: 12", 14 ¾", 17", 18", 22", 30", and others with different cylinder lengths. In case of special cylinders, a customized solution can also be implemented.

Optional vacuum cleaner on line for grinding dust removal. Volver