Security Printing





Consulting and Services
Our staff of highly trained engineers provide consulting services for the security printing industry in general, offering the possibility to develop special projects, including the preparation and sale of original film with specific security patterns and designs, or if necessary, the complete film project. We provide line art hand designs for faces, buildings, or backgrounds on ink or film using traditional drawing techniques, as well as local consulting for production lines' setup and modifications to improve productivity. Volver

Intaglio Machines
PITAGORA SA provides 2nd hand Intaglio machines with Installation, Training and support Services Wordwide. For additional Information or further References please contact us directly. Volver

PITAGORA SA also supplies consumables for the security printing industry which include brass, nickel and copper intaglio printing plates, rubber mats or rubber inking plates, plate making consumables such as photosensitive solutions, developer, etc. We do not limit ourselves to supplying consumables, but we offer our experience and support for the commercial security printing plate making process, from film to the final chrome plating. Plates can be obtained in standard sizes or prepared ad hoc for specific machines. Volver

Data Analysis
Data is important only when it becomes readable and informative. PITAGORA SA help you transform your data into information. Volver