The DAS System is an automatic Data Acquisition System for electric vehicles, an is made up of two hardware devices to be installed on the vehicle and one reading or downloading station with specific software for the analysis of the data collected.
Data memorization is performed by extractable flash memory cards, which can be mailed regularly to the data collection and analysis center. Volver

The DAS System was born as the data acquisition system for the InfoVel Mendirsio Electric Vehicle Swiss official pilot project.
InfoVel was in fact unable to find a vehicle data acquisition system in the market capable of memorizing data for a long period of time, (four or more years), on all possible climate situations and for all models of Electric Vehicles available in the fleet.
The few existing instruments were in fact very bulky and big, with a high power consumption, and had only floppy disk storage capacity, resulting in a low reliability rate.
Last but not less important was the fact that the nuisance to the vehicle user was to be minimal. Volver

Technical Solutions
The instrument is made up of two modules: one reading module to be placed near the traction battery and a main module to be placed inside the cockpit so as to be easily reached by the user.
Use of a data storage device made up of a flash memory implementing proprietary powerful compression algorithms, (½ Mbytes stores up to three months of data from an electric vehicle).
Use of a micro controller for each module; modules communicate with each other by means of a serial proprietary communications protocol.
Direct altitude readings for mountain driving conditions.
The Data Analysis system is made up of a powerful software written in MS Access® and performs the automatic analysis and classification of downloaded data from the fleet of vehicles, providing the necessary complete statistical analysis required. Volver

Functional Diagram