This instrument based on a pocket size flashlight like body, is used to cause a fibrillation (a variation of light intensity or glow) on ultraviolet security fibers called Polarisafe® from Landqart, thanks to the fact that the emitted light is polarized with a variable angle.
Polarisafe® fibers in fact, respond to UV polarized light with different intensity in their fluorescence property. Volver

There were several instruments in existence, which were bulky, expensive and not very practical and easy to use, all developed to detect the such fibers. The solution introduced by Pitagora was to propose a designer fashionable flashlight to obtain the instrument requested by our customer.
The advantages of such a solution have been quite a lot, fully satisfying our customer, who had already requested the same project to three other companies, without finding a valid solution. Volver

Technical Solutions
The adopted solution has required a strong miniaturization effort on our designers part , in order to contain the necessary electronics for a Micro Controller, three UV LEDs, a rotating UV polarized filter, a micro motor, and Wood filter in glass.
The processor allows the filter to be rotated with impulses at a certain speed, improving the fibrillation visibility effect on the UV fibers.
After several laboratory tests, we have selected to filter the generated UV light with a glass made Wood filter, thus increasing the visibility of such effect. Volver

Functional Diagram