Technical Solutions

Laboratory K thermocouple temperature acquisition instrument, easy to use, adaptable to the most demanding conditions thanks to its extremely low power consumption, which allows it to acquire data autonomously for long periods of time (up to two years).
There is also a vacuum meter and pressure measuring and data acquisition instrument called ProScan III 2P.

The customer needed data acquisition devices for K thermocouple probes with unusual characteristics, the standard products in the market were in fact characterized by a low autonomy and were complicated to use; in general they were measuring instruments converted into data loggers, and so they were ineffective and had little storage capacity.
The required characteristics were: acquisition of at least three channels, ability to independently acquire for months or even years without user intervention, easy to use and with a powerful data management software.

Technical Solutions
•The instrument is born specifically as a data acquisition device and all characteristics are aimed at this specification: low power consumption, large memory capacity, easy to configure, high precision of measurements.
• Intuitive menu system operation.
• Innovative measurement calibration system.
• n Data management program for MS Windows® easy to use and capable of transferring data in MS Excel® format, and graphical representations as well.

"GALILEO" Data management software