Technical Solution

This Instrument in the shape of a mouse, allows the user to detect counterfeited or adulterated documents by means of a few clicks; this is achieved by a high sensitivity micro camera complemented by several LEDs capable of generating the full light spectrum, from UV to visible colors to Infrared.The instrument is specially useful for customs passport and ID control, police work, bank cashier counters, money exchange bureaus, airports, etc.

The starting point was the need from some of our customers to be able to propose an efficient instrument for the quick and effective verification of security documents, all within a container cost.Other traditional instruments currently on the market are characterized by a high cost, the difficulty in their operation and the bulky design.TrueScan instead, is easy to use, and is ideal for mobile unit document control, on bank cashiers, and at a cost that is one tenth of that of competitive products.

Technical Solutions
The successful strong point of this project was the decision taken to give this forensic analysis instrument the aspect and simplicity of a mouse, so as to render it a familiar face to users.
An additional characteristic of this instrument is the use of several LEDs as light sources.
In order to display the light source in use at any time, powerful RGB LEDs were chosen and placed on each external corner of the mouse producing a beautiful and original visual captivating effect.
The instrument is controlled by a micro controller capable of offering various advanced functions, such as the possibility to regulate light intensity, and to completely control all working states of the instrument.